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Giving is earning
Thats what he told me
Left me on the side of the road
Hot summers scars still burning
Begging is pleasing
That's what she told me
Put a gun to my head pulled the trigger
Find out there were no bullets
I got a lot to learn
Its gonna hurt
Hiding from the blues
With gray crayons
The music stabs me in the heart
With colors of silver reminding me
I miss him or her
Took me a long time to try
For the Olympics of Love
Lost every game with a straight face
Wasn't prepared in the first place
Forgetting to stretch or memorize
The rules I broke in your heart
Saying sorry isn't even where it starts
Keep running til I scrape my knees
Gotta sweat to show you so much
I will bleed and cry until you tell me
This will be enough
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November 11, 2016
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