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Pull me out of the darkness
This torturous deadly song
Killed me for extra credit
And I played along
I said I love you
Never taking it lightly
You let go of my hand
I fall to the end
I know your emotions
Feeling betrayed
I cant convince you
What is a man
But a pile of secrets
Please believe when I say
I am a pile of regrets
Your forgiveness
To be honest
Im not looking to say sorry
I wanted to get the message through
I didnt mean any harm
So I wait in pain
In anguish
In despair
In misery
Hoping you still care
Dont call the ambulance
Only healing I need is
Time to rewind
Parked outside
Is the last of an empty heart
Leaving the body
I dont know what to do
You wont leave me any clues
Selling my soul to Scatan
Wishing you let me apologize
I have to recognize
Before I realise even if I try
I know I cant save you
The world dragged your heart
Across asphalt hotter
Than the deepest realm
Of fallen angels
Cuts and bruises is what I get
When I say I dont wanna let you go Throughout history you held the bell
To end a war I waited
For the sound to blow
They snicker and sneer
At every thought of me running
After the one who put me in the dirt
I know it hurts to remember
All the moments following
Mixed emotions I am holding
I have to recognize before I realize
Even if I try I know the reasons why
You wont speak
My image brings hate
Its okay it only makes this trip easier
Tried and true was the truth be told
By the judge with a verdict
He held the rope
Before they lay me in my grave
I uttered with my final breathe
I still love you in every single way
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November 16, 2016
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